KENTUCKY ketamine & hydration clinic

Ketamine has been shown effective for the treatment of Depression, PTSD, OCD, Addictions, and Chronic Pain. 85% of patients have alleviation of depression symptoms within hours after their first treatment. Ketamine is a game changer but working with a mental health therapist, healthy lifestyle changes, and working with your Primary Care Physician are all vital for long term results and efficacy.


The Kentucky Ketamine and Hydration Clinic is located in Paducah, KY at 926 Broadway, near the downtown area.

Services include Ketamine Infusion by IV or Intramuscular, in the clinic or patients’ homes. We serve patients in Western Kentucky, Southern IL, Southeast MO and Union City, TN areas. We also accept Insurance for Spravato treatment.  

Spravato is a ketamine administered through nasal spray in the clinic and patients are observed for an hour after being administered.  

Hydration and Ketamine therapy services can be administered in the clinic or patients’ homes. Spravato must be administered in the clinic due to Insurance requirements.


926 Broadway St.
Paducah, KY  42001


Ketamine 1 hour IV Infusion-$395Ketamine 2 hour IV Infusion-$595Ketamine Intramuscular $350

The first 6 infusions, installation phase, should be given in 2-3 weeks and boosters are typically given every 30-90 days. Every patient is different. Most patients will also receive a prescription for sublingual/nasal spray for maintenance between infusions.

PACKAGES: (In Clinic):

6 – 1 hour IV Infusions- $19953 – 1 hour IV Infusions- $995
3 – Intramuscular Infusions – $895
6 – Intramuscular Infusions- $19506 – 2 Hour IV Infusions- $26003 – 2 Hour IV Infusions- $1250

* When receiving services in Paducah Clinic patients are required to bring a driver. Patients should not eat or drink 6 hours before treatments and medications taken daily should be taken no later than 8 hours prior to treatment.

* 15% off all services in the clinic, Home Health or telehealth for Veterans, Military (past or current), First Responders and their families.



 30 minutes @ $75.00
Stomach Bug, Sun, Exercise, Jet lag, or just plain dehydrated? Come let us give you a boost.
(1L fluids)


 45 minutes @ $100.00
If you had a little too much at that party or Memphis tailgate. Drop in and let us help you feel better fast. We can get you back going again in no time.(1L fluids, anti-nausea med, anti-inflammatory, b-complex)


45 minutes @ $130.00
No explanation needed if you suffer from chronic migraines. Get in here and let us try and relieve those symptoms.(fluids, b-complex, calcium, B12, anti-nausea med, magnesium, anti-inflammatory)


 45 minutes @ $135.00
The “Myers’ Cocktail IV” was developed by Baltimore physician John Myers and is trendy among IV therapy spas across the United States. It boosts the immune system, reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia, asthma, fatigue, and seasonal allergies. There’s a reason this is the most popular service at REVIVE!( fluids, b-complex, b5, b6, b12, calcium, vitamin c, magnesium)


 45 minutes @ $145.00
Great for skin, muscles, organs and bones. Overall energy and immunity boost.
(fluids, b-complex, magnesium, vitamin c)


 45 minutes @ $145.00
Need to prepare for a race or are you pushing your workouts to the max? Athletes and fitness buffs use IV therapy to perform better and recover faster.
(fluids, b-complex, b12, glutathione, magnesium, calcium, vit C)


 2 hours @ $250.00
By replenishing cellular levels of NAD+ via intravenous treatment, it has proven to repair DNA, protect brain cells from damage, reduce inflammation and turn on enzymes that help prevent aging.(250mg NAD+)


 4 hours @ $500.00

6 hours @ $1,000.00