–Wear a sleep mask to cover eyes as ketamine can cause perceptual sensitivity (lights, sound)
–Listen to calming music with noise canceling headphones
–Cover yourself with a weighted “anxiety”blanket. These can be found on amazon and have been found in research to help patients feel safe during ketamine treatments.
–Try listening to music that you have never listened to. This is also referred to as the “blank slate” experience. During your ketamine experience your brain will elicit various memories associated with the music you listen to. Ketamine helps process traumatic memories from the subconscious part of the brain. Listening to music during ketamine treatments has been shown in research to improve and guide the experience.
–Keep lights dim, ensure you are free to relax and recover for 6 hours after each treatment.
–Do not drive for at least 6 hours after your Ketamine Treatment
–Keep a journal of what you experienced during the treatment, including memories, feelings, changes in perspectives and perceptions, thoughts to discuss with a therapist and/or support system
–Ketamine has been shown to stay in the brain system for 14-19 days. During this time neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (healing synapses and creating new neural pathways).
–It is not recommended to use ketamine right before bed as you may fall asleep but rather in the early evening is the best time to administer treatment.